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In the OW Journal, The Reading School wants to explore the aspects of “open” in relation to communication and reading in “the Post-Internet Era”. The area of interest revolves around an engagement with multifaceted content such as literature and art, in forms of text, audio and imagery.

Editorial Statements from OW Journal: “we are very happy to welcome you to the publishing platform and living exhibition space of OW Journal. OW Journal makes public the inner workings of Open Week and HDK – the work of students, staff and guest editors alike. The journal operates a learning by failing policy, presenting workflow in progression and therefore is in a constant state of flux. The site is as such a virtual testing ground, constantly evolving and changing.”

“The design challenges ahead will be more complex and thus will require several disciplines, or even fields, to come together.”

“Screen addiction, online abuse, fake news. These are all repercussions of intentional design decisions judged only on how well they kept eyeballs and thumbs on tiny screens. Whether they helped make us better-engaged citizens, more creative thinkers, or more caring human beings was beside the point. Time to get a new yardstick. We need to develop methods that allow us to think past the opposable digits of end users, to how our everyday interaction design decisions affect millions of people. We then need practical tools–just like the wireframes, journey maps, and service blueprints in our current work- to convert this approach into an honest-to-goodness practice.”